PCR delivers a global investment data aggregation service across all asset classes and jurisdictions and is powering some of the most important wealth tech firms.


Are You a Wealth Tech Innovator?

Are you targeting sophisticated financial institutions, advisors and family offices?  Are you challenged by the shortcomings of credential-based screen-scraping? 

Experience the PCR difference with access to our enrollment technology, live data integration, APIs and support team.

Going Beyond MVP

PCR provides a scalable platform to easily enroll and stream high-quality investment data into your solution leaving you free to invest in your real differentiation.

During the development of your MVP, and engaging early clients, it is often easy to overlook what full-scale operations will look like.   In the case of data -  the heart blood of any wealth-tech innovation - keeping up with gathering, normalizing, reconciling and integrating while building out your core value proposition may be daunting.   

PCR has re-invented investment data aggregation from the ground up to safely deliver reconciled data for marketables and alternatives from any source and jurisdiction.

Why is PCR Better than Screen Scraping?

PCR relies only on authoritative sources of data securely accessed. There are numerous so-called 'credential-based' aggregators in the market that offer instant gratification by leveraging your clients' credentials to access and scrape data from the web interfaces of banks, credit card companies, etc. 


Most firms that require a daily stream of actionable data find that the quality and continuous availability of data from these solutions are inferior to authoritative sources of data such as custodial feeds and direct manager communications.   Many also concluded the 

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