Aggregation is our passion. Every investment in technology and process we make is focused on streamlining the delivery of high-quality investment data into the wealth management eco-system.



Break through innovations in Digital Consent Technology and the automation of Alternative Asset Aggregation ensure that information flows from your custodians and fund managers quickly and safely.    In addition to over 500 institutional feeds, we are the leading aggregator of private and alternative investments and help firms eliminate the manual error-prone spreadsheet process.

A platform for innovation and automation  streamlines processing of wealth data.

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Death by a thousand spreadsheets?



Concerned about the quality of your data? 

At PCR we are committed to making sure your data is delivered completely and accurately.    We fuse technology, processes and people into a reliable utility that gathers and reconciles even the hardest to aggregate illiquid and alternative investments.    We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on insights and decision making.

Automated Multi-Recon Technology With Full Client Transparency.



PCR goes beyond aggregation and reconciliation and provides a complete data management and data integration solution that automates how a single version of the truth is delivered to the  reporting and analytic systems you depend on.    Pre-packaged integrations, APIs and open database connectivity put you in control of your data.

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How many versions of the truth are enough?

20+ Industry Integrations, Partner Network, Data Warehouse and  Rich APIs.


Are you confident your information is safe?

PCR technology was designed at the birth of GDPR and the privacy revolution.    We went beyond security best practices with dozens of innovations including tokenized data storage and the ability to host sensitive information anywhere - including other jurisdictions.   The largest global banks and wealthiest families trust us to protect client privacy.

Privacy first technology PCR

Privacy and regulatory compliance is built into the PCR platform.