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About Us

Innovating Financial Aggregation

PCR is trusted by over 300 institutions, advisors, family offices and wealth technology firms to safely and accurately aggregate their clients’ investment data for use in consolidated reporting and other applications.
About PCR

PCR is a private equity sponsored company making significant investments in re-inventing wealth aggregation.   Our vision is to deliver safe, easy-to-implement and accurate financial aggregation services that will power the future of digital wealth management.

Serving Private Clients and
Advisors is in Our DNA

PCR was founded by a group of private clients in 2000 as Private Client Resources (PCR) to deliver services tailored to wealthy families. Since then, we have established a 20-year track record of delivering sophisticated data management solutions tailored to the unique demands of wealthy families and their advisors.

From this Foundation We Reimagined Aggregation Technology

Through innovation, automation and integration we have created the ultimate wealth data utility that frees wealth owners and advisors to focus on understanding and actioning data -- not the low value business of collecting, reconciling and normalizing it.

A Culture of Innovation Sustains Our Growth and Client Satisfaction

Great companies are built by people.  The magic happens when the right vision is in the same room with the experience, skills and passion needed to execute.  The PCR team, in their diversity and points-of-view, drives our business forward everyday.   We are proud of them and look forward to working with all those who will join us.


Bob Miller, CEO
Sam King, COO
Peter Seidenberg, CFO

Kalyan Raman, CTO

Henk Jan Kinds, General Manager, NL


Brian Harkins, Head of Support

Rob Chateauneuf, Head of Delivery

Carol Calta, Delivery Manager
Julianna Roche, Enrollment Manager

Dan Volz, Head of Data Operations

Gus Papachristou, Head of Alts Operations

Juliano Cerri, Head of Architecture
Nupur Daruka, Head of Development

Hemchand Venigalla, Head of TechOps

Willem Lam, Automation Manager

Dillon Kenniston, Product Manager

Matt King, Manager, Operations Technology

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