High Energy.

Fast Moving.

Unafraid of a Challenge.

If any of these terms describe you and your way of working and collaborating, we have a seat open.

The newest technology and architectures coupled with serving some of the most important companies in finance makes for a great opportunity for anyone with the right aspirations.

Delivery and Client Experience (4)

A variety of roles in project management, business and technical analysis and relationship management.   Our clients are among the most important, smartest and influential in the industry. 

It is hard to imagine how these relationships will not be a benefit to our teams and their future endeavors.  


Technology and R&D (4)

We had the amazing opportunity to re-invent global data sharing and how complex non-structured data is obtained, aggregated and made beautiful.  Oldest line of code has a born-on-date of 5/13/2017.  No maintenance programming here!

Does processing a trillion dollars an hour mean anything to you?



Sales and Business Development (4)

A winning proposition with market demand, a product that delivers, and the ability to sell both base hits and enterprise deals.  And as important, management that understands and appreciates a sales culture.

Success can be fun!