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Alts Madness?
A Better Reporting Strategy.

Alternative Investments Present
Reporting Challenges


Managing alternative investment positions requires that you gather, understand and capture information generally reported on valuations statements, capital calls and distribution notices.


If you manage a few dozen alternatives positions reporting infrequently, with limited capital activity, your current process is probably sufficient.   Investing in software tools to automate the process may not produce significant benefits for you.


On the other hand, if you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of positions, you are already feeling the pain. 

How Does Your Firm Manage Alternatives?

Manually Collect and Enter Statements and Other Manager Communications

This may be what you are doing today and you already recognize its limitations.  Reliance on spreadsheets, manual transfer of data and associated errors and a lack of control often can become the source of client facing errors.

Outsource to an Accounting, Fund Admin or Other FTE Provider

Transferring your manual process to another company's manual process has benefits, but is not likely to provide improved quality or scalable cost benefits.  Depending on the provider, this also may require that your sensitive data be transferred to offshore locations.

Build Your Own Technology Solutions

Hire the technical resources needed to design and build a proprietary platform including process automation, OCR extraction, reconciliation, data management and data integration capabilities.   Most firms are not of the scale or resourced to undertake such developments.

Integrate and Operate Multiple Vendor Tools 

Selecting multiple tools and integrating them is an option and includes marrying an OCR tool with ETL tool and separate investment focused data warehouse.  This strategy also has a technical lift and requires your firm to staff and operationalize the use of these technologies.

Partner with PCR and Leverage our STP-ALTS Service
A technology-enabled managed service, STP-ALTS is proven to deliver the best quality and scale with little or no investment on your part. Explore the PCR advantage below.​​

Why Consider STP-ALTS Aggregation from PCR?​​


Digital Consent Tools Deliver Streamlined LOA Process
As a STP-ALTS client you can leverage our Digital Consent platform which streamlines the letter of authorization process (LOA) needed to have managers and institutions share data.   This DocuSign based platform is coded with the LOA requirements of 1,000s of Institutions and 40,000 alternative vehicles and eliminates delays printing LOAs, signing, scanning and emailing.


15,000 of 38,000 Registered SEC Vehicles Already Automated. 100% Guaranteed.

Why should you have to do it all over again?    Other software solutions will require that you learn their tools, use their processes and map investment vehicles that PCR has already automated.   And across our global client base, we continuously add new managers and vehicles at no additional cost to you.


Harvesting from 1000's of Locations and Portals Already Automated

Other platforms may require you to manually logon to websites and email inboxes to download your reports, manually upload the documents to their tool and then manually identify the investment vehicle and client the document is associated with.  We have automated 90% of this process and continue to invest in APIs and other techniques to further streamline.  Our team proactively monitor and follow-up on late or non-reported accounts.


Millions of Reporting Events Brings Scale and Efficiency

We are the largest automated processor of alternatives transactions and will triple the number of valuations, capital calls and distribution notices we automate this year.  All of our clients benefit from our continuous investments  in connecting the fragmented network of managers, fund administrators and institutions that report alternatives. 

Normalization of All Data Sources to Standard Transaction Codes
Our automation process converts complex reported information into standard transactions – not just the reporting of value.  These transactions accurately reflect flows so that data can be immediately used in your performance and reporting systems.


Reconciliation and Data Quality a Priority
Transactions are reconciled to reported positions and trained financial analysts handle breaks and manager communications.  Over 60 quality control policies are applied to your data to ensure that once delivered it can be trusted by your advisors.


Automate Delivery of Manager Documents Into Your Systems
Our robotic process automation (RPA) technologies eliminate manual gathering of information from portals, emails and snail-mail and delivers these documents, along with reconciled transactions, into your systems.

Information Delivered Daily or Real-Time - Not Occasionally.

For most of our clients daily transparency into their manager reported estimates and valuations matters.  Their control processes also benefit from daily reconciliation of capital calls and distributions.  For others with significant activity, immediate knowledge of capital calls and other flows is critical to their processes.   PCR delivers has options for both.

Transparency Tools Help Inform Your Investing

Our straight through process is visible to your teams via our operations portal which enables you to monitor manager reporting timeliness and quality as well as providing link between reporting transactions and the original source documents.


Not All Alternatives are Reported on Documents

In addition to our document automation technologies, we maintain electronic connections to over 500 institutions, fund admins and other reports of alternative investments.  This means with PCR you have one provider capable of delivering 100% of your reporting needs, fully normalized and quality controlled.


Integration with 20+ Industry Reporting Systems Streamlines Delivery
In other words, your data flows from manager to your client reporting seamlessly with little or no manual intervention.

Security, Privacy and Data Protection

PCR is trusted by the world's most important global banks, advisors, wealthy families and wealth technology firms to protect their data.  We have implemented ground-breaking privacy tech that satisfies global privacy regulations and ensures the highest standards for data protection. 

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