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Alts Peace of Mind

Automating Extraction of Transactions from Documents is Important.  Ensuring that Extracted Data is Reconciled and Correct is Paramount.


Focus on Quality Control

Unlike the Alternative Investment software tools intended to help you streamline document processing, PCR's platform approach is built on a proven data reconciliation, quality control and publishing architecture.

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Performance Calculation Ready

More than Standardized Output Templates. PCR Delivers Performance Calculation Ready Data from Teams Trusted to Deliver Accuracy for Over 20 years.

Transaction Detail

All transactions and activity are normalized to 120 standard transaction codes (40 focused on Alternatives) reflecting the granulated needed to deliver accurate performance calculations.

Reference Data

We maintain a rich security master of over 70,000 alternatives vehicles ensuring consistency of enrollment and containing other reference data useful in reconciliation and quality control.


Full historical transaction roll forward of quantities and positions are performed continuously to ensure transaction flows are accurate and timed correctly. Breaks raised to global team.

Quality Controls

90+ controls are applied applied to identify possible quality issues that might effect performance calculations such as price factors, day over day changes, etc.

Position Staling

Quality process establishes account quality scores which are designed to indicate issues that might negative impact client performance calculations.  Accounts are marked to not be delivered in days feeds.


Our processes monitor (a) new accounts on a feed that may not have been activated in our enrollment system; (b) accounts that have stopped reporting.  Information made available to client in portal.

Pre-Extraction Controls

Prior to extracting data for delivery to a series of controls are executed to ensure all data will be captured and included in outbound data delivery.

Post-Extraction Controls

Post extraction, the actual files to transmitted are systematically reviewed to ensure all files are consistent, not missing data and matching formats of target system.

Service Levels

We are the only provider that delivers contracted SLA with credits for failure to deliver.

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