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What's New at PCR?

Our Recent Social Media Postings Detailing the Future of Alternatives Investment Aggregation
Celebrate or Operate Tile.png
Celebrate or Operate

Celebrate real efficiencies over operating software.  PCR technology and trained 24x7 operations teams deal with the details so your team can focus on high-value activities.

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Alts Peace of Mind

PCR delivers performance calculation ready data from teams trusted to deliver accuracy for over 20 years.

Plugged-in-alts (1).png
Plugged in Alts

20+ industry integrations streamline how your aggregated data is put to work in your critical reporting, performance, risk, accounting and other systems.

Harvesting Tile.png
Enjoy the Alts Harvest

We use machines to collect your alternative investment data from portals, emails and files – so you don’t have to.  Streamline your alts processing with Harvesting Services from PCR.

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The only Alternatives Aggregator that puts their money where their promises are.

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