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Enjoy the Alts Harvest

You cannot extract and analyze alternative investment transactions until you have retrieved manager published documents.


What is Document Harvesting?

Most Alternatives Reporting is delivered as documents (PDF's and Excel) via secure portals or email attachments. It is critical to capture, categorize and identify these documents as soon as they become available so they can be recorded in accounting and reporting systems.  Content such as capital calls, are extremely time sensitive.    

Automated Harvesting Technology

As an option to your teams monitoring email inboxes and manually accessing portals, PCR has developed automated harvesting technologies that collect information from 1000's of alternative managers.   The technology and surrounding support register documents from emails and portals, identify the content type and links the document to a authorized unique investment account you have registered in our systems. 

Delivering Documents into Your Critical Systems

Once harvested and identified, documents are renamed and organized to your specifications including folders, client account identifiers and standard document type names.   The documents are delivered to you leveraging as file transferred documents or via a number of integrations into your reporting, CRM or other systems.

Leveraging Technology to Streamline Alternatives Reporting

Our Harvesting as a Service option leverages the same technology we use to deliver our end-to-end alternatives aggregation solution.   Service includes access to our transparency portal to track all harvesting activities.   We are adding options to included not only Statements, Capital Calls and Notices but also Tax Documents and other Manager Correspondence.

Harvesting Diagram.png
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