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Celebrate or Operate

You license and operate software to streamline aspects of your alts processing.  But your teams still seem busy with processes the software DOES NOT operationalize.


Technology Enabled Managed Service

PCR automates the entire life cycle of alternative investment aggregation including consent, harvesting from portals/emails, identification, extraction of transactions, reconciliation, quality control and integration of resulting data into your critical reporting and performance systems.

Our technology and trained 24x7 operations teams deal with the details
so your team can focus on high-value activities. 

Point solution vs. Full-Lifecycle Platform

Most software products evolved from limited-scope point solutions such as upload a doc and extract transactions and are now evolving additional capabilities along the way.   PCR envisioned and executed on an integrated technology-enabled operating platform for the entire life cycle from consent through industry integration creating efficiencies and scale.

Client Operated or Managed

No solution has or will achieve automation of 100% of the entire lifecycle and will require trained human intervention to teach machines and resolve issues.   With software providers, this cost and resourcing of this intervention falls on you the client.  PCR embeds these services into our offering using highly specialized resources, instrumented operations and the benefit of scale.

Service Level Commitments

PCR are the only provider delivering service level agreements that target 'business impacts' and carry service credits when we do not meet commitments, including time from manager availability to delivery into your systems,  the accuracy of transaction flows,  completeness of reporting such as no missing capital calls proactiveness in tracking expected manager reporting cycles/lag dates.

True Cost of Ownership

We believe that most software platforms require clients to manage other technologies, build internal control processes, staff manual workflows and otherwise carry considerable hidden costs.  Our full-service option and handling of the entire lifecycle is more cost-effective.

Future Proofed Architecture

PCR technology investments were focused on scalable orchestration, workflow, managed human intervention and service level management.   We integrated multiple best-of-breed technologies for process automation and document extraction.  Our approach enables to plug and pay future innovations without changing our process or controls.   The others are developing capabilities that will eventually become commodities (NLP/AI).

Benefit of Shared Scale

As a managed service every improvement in our processes benefits all customers immediately.  Counterparty knowledge, harvesting automation, Document extraction automation and integration enhancements immediately are available to all customers.

Celebrate Real Efficiencies

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